About Us

Presco has a 30 year track record in electronic circuit design, embedded software, and electronics manufacturing. We design, manufacture, and service private label electronic products and sub-assemblies for a diverse client base that includes small startups and Fortune 500 companies. Presco can engage to a product development cycle at the concept stage and carry it all the way through to volume production. We minimize product costs at the design stage, using our team of engineers, scientists, and software professionals to create an inherently low cost solution. Then, we take the project through prototype construction, compliance testing and production make-ready with the same engineering team: no hand-offs, no confusion, no excuses.

Presco has experience in diverse applications of specialized electronics and supporting software. Representative projects:

  • Heads-up stereoscopic laser display for military aircraft
  • Real-time acoustic analysis of security threats
  • Ultrasound NDT for solid fuel rocket motors
  • Hardware neural net engine for optical pattern recognition

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