If you have a challenging problem in electronic design, Presco might be the product development firm you need. We have the skills and experience to handle difficult design cycles.

Our focus is on minimizing cost. We do this through algorithm development and aggressive utilization of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). This yields a shorter design cycle, lower cost, and a more reliable circuit.

We have wide and in-depth experience across several technologies and market sectors, allowing us to help you maximize your ROI. Our goal is to build it once, validate that it meets your objectives, and put the results in your hands. This is the shortest and least expensive path to a working electronics package.

Check out our Case Studies if you are interested in learning more about some of our projects.

  • Analog circuit design to support all types of sensors: video, acoustic, optical, strain gauge, magnetic, capacitive.
  • Drive electronics for almost anything: servo and stepper motors, high energy print heads, solid state lasers, ultrasonic exciters, thermo-electric coolers, ultra-pure audio.
  • Specialized communication gear such as free-air optical channels, custom RF links, acoustic communications, optical fiber devices.
  • Optimized embedded switching power supply designs, especially for portable electronics requiring long battery life.
  • High reliability designs including hot plug capability and redundant power supplies.
  • Ultra-miniature electronics for aerospace applications and implanted medical devices.  Scientific and biomedical instrument design.
  • Presco’s simulation capabilities provide the assurance that our electronic designs will work right the first time, every time.  We run simulations to verify DSP and servo algorithms, analog signal performance, noise analysis, signal integrity, power supply performance, FPGA code compliance, and much more.
  • We’ve worked across the frequency spectrum from sub-1 Hz to multi-GHz.
  • Design for real-time embedded software, signal processing software, graphical user interfaces, device drivers, data communications, databases and web-based software.
  • Full suite of Matlab tools and the experience to convert DSP algorithms into highly efficient embedded code.
  • We’ve worked with Fourier and Wavelet signal decomposition, neural nets, voice processing, waveform analysis, optical character recognition and much more.