National Instruments/Presco Approach to Product Development

Presco Engineering can help transition your NI platform developments to more cost-efficient, customized hardware/firmware solutions, at any point in the product development cycle.

Get the benefits of an experienced LabVIEW team as well as decades of high-performance electronics engineering know-how.


Why Presco?

LabVIEW and National Instruments hardware and software are great general-purpose tools. As requirements become more specific, Presco can help you tailor solutions that provide only the necessary functionality, with commensurate cost savings. Whether your application is for the life sciences, medical devices, materials identification, clinical diagnostics, transportation or the military, Presco has an excellent track record of delivering smart, sensible development programs.

Transition From Prototype to Production

LabVIEW can provide extremely short development times for proof-of-concept and prototyping, but usually carries a higher platform cost. As production volumes increase, it often makes financial sense to port the application to a custom embedded platform. We know that porting your algorithm to a new platform can be challenging (and risky), but Presco has a proven track record of success in this area.


Refinement of code for deployment

Often times, software generated for proof-of-concept and prototype systems is not held to the same design and quality standards expected for production. Presco can help you refine the software architecture, clean up messy code, and improve performance to ensure your application is ready for deployment.

Reduce risk and shorten time to market

Sometimes you need an extra, qualified team player to move your project along. Presco has certified LabVIEW developers who are accustomed to coming up to speed quickly, and providing software that is well designed and documented. We won’t leave you with a maintenance nightmare!


Creating a well-Architected test framework

Presco can help you devise a test framework that consists of well-organized, partitioned components and test code. When debugging and validating code, you can use these components to quickly isolate problems. After a code change, unit tests can be performed without running the entire application, reducing coding/debugging development cycles.

Tailoring for FDA regulations

NI can take you to a functional prototype; however, when you are ready to start commercial development, Presco can tailor the software and hardware for FDA submittals. We can also provide the necessary documentation including end-user requirements, traceability, etc.



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A National Instruments Alliance Partner with over 10 years of LabVIEW development experience, Presco has multiple NI-certified LabVIEW developers on staff, ready to engage to your next project. Whether you’re prototyping a new instrument or designing an automated test fixture, our expert design team is ready to help achieve your vision. Utilizing off-the-shelf hardware modules and the graphical LabVIEW software development environment, Presco can help to minimize your time-to-market.